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At Sheridan HR, we believe that in order to add continued value, HR must be more than a partner, we must be a player. Players contribute. We strive to be engaged and add value. The goal is to be in the game, not just at the game.

We are a boutique human resources firm located in Buffalo, NY. We provide solutions for companies of all sizes. From a full-service outsourced HR department to individualized services, we work with you to develop solutions to address your specific HR needs. 

Foundational Regulatory Compliance 

Proactive compliance with everchanging State and Federal 

Handbook creation, review, and updates

Job Descriptions

HR Audit

Wage and Hour Compliance

Hiring and Retaining the Best Talent 

Best Recruiting Strategies

Art of Interviewing

Onboarding Process (checklist)

Technology Resources

Outsourced Payroll Administration 

Alleviate need to hire

Integrate systems to alleviate time

Increased Confidentiality and Accuracy

Cost Control

Outsourced Benefits Administration 

Competitive Benefit Options

Employee Education

Attract and retain best employees

Cost Control

Culture Shaping 

Extensive, personalized management and employee training program

Employee Engagement

Team Building

Leadership Strategies

Career continuation and advancement

HCM Technology 

Applicant Tracking


Benefit Administration

Performance Management

ACA Reporting


Leave of Absence

HR Consultation 

Advice, recommendations, strategies
for HR Matters

Resolution of HR Questions

Online HR tool with up to date, attorney reviewed forms and training

Dedicated HR person at your fingertips

Strategic Initiatives 

Employee Benchmarking

Create pipeline of high-quality candidates

Innovative HR Practices

Goal Setting

Succession Planning

Workplace Transformation